H2O+ Sensitive Gel Cream Moisturizer


A unique pink gel cream that glides on easily to help reduce redness and increase hydration. Featuring a skin-quenching, velvety formula paired with powerful clean ingredients like Hyssop and Eyebright Extracts to soothe and soften sensitive skin.

Non-irritating, Non-sensitizing, Dermatologist-Tested. Formulated without synthetic fragrance.


Sensitivity, redness, discomfort, dryness


Increases skin hydration by +113%. Soothes and softens sensitive skin


The fast-absorbing properties of a gel meet the richness of a cream to deliver velvety hydration to sensitive skin. The clean, non-irritating formula includes proprietary Hydro-Amino Infusion coupled with Skin Repair Technology.

Developed with our skincare experts in Japan, and tested by individuals with sensitive skin, the non-sensitizing formula envelops skin with a calming, silky texture.

The results: Increased hydration and softer, smoother skin.