Bioderma Sébium Mat Control


With adolescence, skin gains thickness and shine, often becoming less regular and prone to irregularities that can manifest during adulthood. That is why at Bioderma, we have created the Sebium line for oily, combination, and irregular skin. When picking ingredients, Sebium gets its inspiration from the mechanisms in your skin. Such ingredients are always measured to maximise their effect, and no unnecessary agent is used. The exclusive, dermo-patented Fluidactiv® complex at the heart of our Sebium line, helps to visibly minimize the look of pores. Sebium Mat Control is a shine-control, moisturizing skincare that visibly minimizes shine while offering excellent tolerance. It helps to improve skin texture and contributes to visibly minimize pores appearance. It moisturizes and mattifies, thanks to absorbing powder: say goodbye to shine. Suitable for sensitive, oily, combination and shiny skin, Sebium Mat Control improves skin instantly. With its fresh and ultra-sensory texture that does not fluff, Sebium Mat Control quickly penetrates, leaving your skin more comfortable. Its Mat & Smooth technology reveals beauty and radiance for eight hours.