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Using Glycolic Acid As Deodorant?

Using Glycolic Acid As Deodorant?

If you’re an avid TikTok watcher like we are, you may have seen the viral trend of using Glycolic Acid toners as a natural alternative to deodorant. We asked our Estheticians to weigh in on this trend.

Glycolic Acid (an AHA naturally derived from sugar cane) is a type of chemical exfoliant. Among its many benefits, it helps unclog pores so that dead skin can slough away easily and it also helps with discoloration and breakouts but, it’s not going to keep your underarms dry.   

Using a toner with Glycolic Acid on your underarm area can definitely help with “bumps” or hyperpigmentation. It can also help reduce odor by rebalancing the skins pH levels, but it’s not a replacement for an antiperspirant. For that, you need a product that will block the sweat that forms and that is found in products that contain aluminum.

So go ahead and use a toner with AHA’s if you do get breakouts or hyperpigmentation on your armpits but, you’ll still need to use an antiperspirant!