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Microbiome-Focused Skincare

Microbiome-Focused Skincare

The skin is our largest organ and acts as our first line of defense against extrinsic factors and has many vital functions. Along with being a barrier, our skin also houses a variety of microorganisms. These microorganisms flourish in a balanced skin microbiome and when their environment is in jeopardy, this can often lead to inflammatory diseases of the skin such as eczema, acne, and inflamed skin. So what can we do to keep our skin microbiome in balance so that the microorganisms have a healthy environment?

Keeping our skin at a healthy pH is essential for the skin microbiome as the microorganisms prefer a more acidic environment versus a more alkaline environment. When skin is more alkaline it can be very sensitive, dull, and tight and it causes the healthy bacteria to “jump ship”. So a great way to avoid these effects is, of course, to try and keep pH levels in a slightly acidic state (pH between 4.7-5.5). This starts with having a pH balanced cleanser that also has a slightly acidic pH. The Gallinee Foaming Facial Cleanser has a pH of 5.0 which is fantastic for keeping the skin’s pH at an optimal level and keeping those microorganisms healthy. It also doesn’t contain any harsh surfactants so that it doesn’t damage the skin barrier.

Another way to keep our skin microflora happy is by increasing the good bacteria in the skin. Supplying the skin with good bacteria can increase barrier function, soothe the skin, and create supple, younger looking skin. They have also been shown to improve the lipid and ceramide production in the skin. The Ghost Democracy Clean Lightweight Daily Face Moisturizer contains 12% probiotics to help healthy bacteria in the skin thrive and to help lessen the effects of inflammatory diseases of the skin. A more balanced microbiome also equals a more balanced skin surface, helping to keep the skin hydrated without it becoming oily.

Lastly, protecting our skin from free radicals and oxidative stress will help to keep the skin barrier optimally functioning. The HydroPeptide Solar Defense Non-Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 utilizes mineral SPF filters to protect the skin and also has a probiotic and hyaluronic acid blend to keep skin plump and restore barrier function.