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Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Tata Harper

Let’s Give a Warm Welcome to Tata Harper

We’re so excited to be able to welcome Tata Harper to the HelloAva family and we can’t wait for our customers to get to experience this non-toxic, truly luxury brand. This beautiful brand was founded by the one and only, Tata Harper. Tata grew up in Columbia where beauty was a part of everyday life and was viewed not as a luxury, but as a necessity. Tata had the opportunity to try a variety of products, but it wasn’t until a close family member of her’s was diagnosed with cancer that she began to think about what was actually in the products that her friends, her family, and she was using. From there, she started learning about how much exposure people were getting on a daily basis to potentially toxic synthetic chemicals that filled some personal care products and how much of a silent impact it can have on our lives. 

After she learned about the impact these chemicals can have on our bodies, she began to switch up her lifestyle to support her family member who had been diagnosed with cancer. During her lifestyle change, Tata wasn’t satisfied with any of the skincare brands that she used. They were all ineffective, “natural” without truly being natural, and/or they were just unpleasant to use. That’s when the idea sparked for Tata to create a brand that was 100% natural with ingredients that were luxurious, but that still provided results. 

Thus, the brand Tata Harper was born! Tata’s standards for natural beauty are still strong, with all products being made on her family farm in Vermont. With everything being made at her beautiful farm in Vermont, Tata has the ability to ensure the quality of every product, the freshness of the ingredients, and is able to ensure all of her customers receive an authentic experience. 

Tata created a beautiful, transparent brand that packs their products full of kind-to-skin ingredients that are also just kind to our general health. Let’s take a moment to introduce you to a few of her lovely products that will be joining our lineup. 

Purifying Gel Cleanser -

This gel to oil cleanser replenishes the skin with non-comedogenic oils while also cleaning out clogged pores with willow bark. It has a luxurious feel to the skin that soothes inflamed skin with ginger and turmeric. It truly helps to balance the skin by hydrating dry skin, regulating oil production for oily skin, and soothing sensitive skin.

Resurfacing Serum -

Filled with antioxidant properties, this serum helps to prevent free radical damage while lightly hydrating with jojoba oil and shea butter esters. It also contains a blend of AHAs/BHAs to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and prevent blackheads. Overall, this serum will help to diminish sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles while creating this beautiful glow to the skin.

Water-Lock Moisturizer -

This moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid to plump the deeper layers of the skin and shea butter esters to provide surface level hydration without clogging pores. It also contains arnica to calm inflammation and a plethora of antioxidants to prevent free radical damage. It also contains orange peptides to anti-age and pomegranate spheres to smooth the texture of the skin.